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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Compliance requirements for "Java SE" specifications leveraged in Jakarta EE 8

David Blevins wrote on 8/26/19 2:51 PM:
> Over the last couple weeks we've had some clarification and clarity on the stance between Java SE and Java EE.  This clarity is still evolving and there is no way I'll represent it 100% correctly.
> These specifications are not officially part of the Java EE 8/Jakarta EE 8 definition as they are part of the Java SE 8 JVM.
>  - JavaBeans™ Activation Framework / Jakarta™ Activation
>  - Java™ API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) / Jakarta™ XML Web Services
>  - Java™ API for XML Binding (JAXB) / Jakarta™ XML Binding
>  - Java™ Web Services Metadata / Jakarta™ Web Services Metadata

Yes, and you forgot SAAJ.

> Some of them have different versions in Java 8 vs Java 9.  My understanding is all of the above were removed from JDK 11 and beyond.
> Open questions for Jakarta EE 8 Platform implementations on Java 8 or 9:
>  - are tests for any of these shipped in the Jakarta EE 8 TCK?

No, I don't believe so.

Some of these have tests in the jakartaee-tck repository because they
used to be in earlier versions of Java EE, but I believe these tests
are no longer executed as part of the platform TCK.

>  - are tests for any of these required for Jakarta EE 8 Platform certification? (this could be yes regardless of the above)

Jakarta EE 8 requires Java SE 8.  All of these are tested as part of Java SE 8
certification.  If you provide an implementation of any of these that overrides
the implementation in Java SE 8 (as GlassFish does), you'll need to run the
corresponding TCKs (as we do for GlassFish).

> Open question for Jakarta EE 8 Platform implementations on Java 11:
>  - do we want to want to work on an official perspective for certification of Jakarta EE 8 on Java 11?

I was hoping we wouldn't have to deal with that until Jakarta EE 9.  :-)

If there's vendor demand to provide implementations of Jakarta EE 8 on
Java SE 11 or newer, we might need to define exactly what the requirements
are for that.  I don't believe we have any plans to support Eclipse GlassFish
5.x on Java SE 11 or newer.

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