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  • Re: [] Specification committee repos, (continued)
  • [] BALLOT: Approval to create the Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection Specification Project, Wayne Beaton
  • [] BALLOT: Approval to adopt the Jakarta EE Specification Process 1.2, Wayne Beaton
  • [] Process for signing final binaries, David Blevins
  • [] TCK information, Jan Supol
  • [] A hypothetical appeal challenge, Scott Stark
  • [] Java EE Security API Specification (JSR 375), Gergely Moln├ír
  • [] Jakarta EE Community Interview for CodeOne/EclipseCon, David Blevins
  • [] Version Numbering, Werner Keil
  • [] Specification Process Goals/Requirements, Wayne Beaton
  • [] Specification text, Tom Jenkinson
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