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Re: [] Does the EFSL license need to be in the javadocs dist?

I can't speak for Eclipse legal, but for Sun/Oracle legal it was always critical to include the license in the "product".  Otherwise the license could (in theory) change after you downloaded and started using the product.  That's why we always included the license in the javadoc bundle.  (Obviously that doesn't solve the problem if you're viewing the javadocs on the web site.)

Even if the license weren't included, the footer should definitely link to the license.

Scott Stark wrote on 8/8/19 6:05 AM:
In reviewing the BV javadocs, the footer statement is correct, but there is no link to an EFSL license file and there is no EFSL license content in the apidocs tree. Is there a requirement to have a link to a local file? Could we just be using a common external link to the page?

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