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Re: [] Respecting Java Records in Jakarta EE

Interesting that this mailing list does not set reply-to header and reply sends a private mail to the sender...

Am 07.12.2021 um 17:40 schrieb Hohwiller, Jörg:
Hi Darwin,

IMHO a fair choice. Besides immutability it is also tricky up to impossible to construct a record reflectively from its properties as you can not easily figure out the order of the constructor args.

What Java would really need are beans that can do things like this: <>

It can already been done easily and perfectly but it is very hard to "standardize" something like this. JavaFx properties lack a few fundamental features and have been created in the wrong package space. Seems like after all discussions in the Java world the topic of real properties and real beans is kind of burned soil. Anyhow it is one of the most urgent needs to make Java great ;)

Just my few cents, hopefully not to far off the record.



Am 05.12.2021 um 19:19 schrieb Ian Darwin:
Records are final and immutable. This is a conscious decision on the part of the language designers (discussed at length elsewhere). To make a long mailing chain short: Let's just respect that and move on, saying we won't support (or, "you can't use") records for JPA or CDI.

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