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Re: [] [jakartabatch-dev] Proposal - Use Java 11 source/target level for Batch 2.1

I think this is fine.

This is a bit of an aside but not sure if you would like to consider it:

I am hearing a lot of grumbling about Jakarta EE 10 not base-lining on Java SE 17 while keeping Java SE 11 and Java SE 8 optional. The precedent for Java EE had been that it always supported the newest Java SE version possible at the time of finalization of a release. This expectation could be a possible source of the grumbling.

I am curious to see if others have opinions on this?

Reza Rahman
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On 12/2/2021 11:50 AM, Scott Kurz wrote:

We need to decide what Java level to target for Batch 2.1.   Java 11 is the recommendation for the EE 10 platform, however since we still have not added any new APIs at this point we could still decide to go with our Java 8 level binaries from 2.0.
(This option is outlined in the platform release plan: )

I propose we use Java 11 for source/target to stay in synch with the platform.    If a user wants to remain on Java 8 they can just use the existing 2.0 API JAR.  

Note in terms of language features I'm not sure we depend on anything more than Java 6 ?? still.  

Any objections?

If not, then, to add a bit of a further thought, I think we end up with this table worth keeping in mind:

Language Features:  Java 6?
javac target:  Java 11
TCK execution:   Java 11 + 17

Scott Kurz
WebSphere / Open Liberty Batch and Developer Experience

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