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Re: [ide-dev] Link from inside Eclipse IDE to how to contribute


On 30/09/2017 07:44, Mickael Istria wrote:
FYI, the current "contribute" page is
It's not specific to the IDE, but most of the content is relevant in that case. We could IMO start by opening/linking to that page and maybe consider a better page dedicated to the IDE later.
Yes. I've never seen that page before! It's quite good given the diversity of topics to consider.

The only per-project facility is "Browse our source code repositories." which provides no onward navigation to the project PMI pages. The project titles could usefully be hyper-linked in the repositories listing.

Perhaps a PMI-derived "Browse our project installers" could redirect to registered OOMPH setups and their PMI pages.

IMHO anything helping to contribute should be on the web, so adding useful content rather than just adverts/links within Eclpse is wasteful.

Possible places for less irritating hyper-linked adverts re-using the Eclipse icon:
- right hand end of top line of Error Log/Problems/JUnit/Console View
- Event Details Dialog
- Quick Fix Dialog


        Ed Willink


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