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Re: [ide-dev] Link from inside Eclipse IDE to how to contribute

FYI, the current "contribute" page is
It's not specific to the IDE, but most of the content is relevant in that case. We could IMO start by opening/linking to that page and maybe consider a better page dedicated to the IDE later.

I do not believe in any educating strategy (such as the welcome page in general or a popup) that's only shown on 1st startup. (by the way, we'd need to refine the definition of 1st startup first).
At 1st startup, either the user is too new to consider being ready to contribute, or he's a more experienced one who know the Eclipse IDE enough to not even look at the welcome page. Any communication with the user can't be successful if targetting only the 1st startup. But it could be something like once every 10 startups.

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