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Re: [ide-dev] Link from inside Eclipse IDE to how to contribute

Hi Mickael,

See my answers inline.

On 29.09.2017 at 13:55 Mickael Istria wrote:

Targeting a product quality is a good goal, but it's also vital that end-users understand that the IDE depends on their contributions. We mustn't hide that, on the contrary, we must highlight it in the IDE.


So I think we need a visible place inside the IDE to turn some users into contributors (report bug, contribute patches, donate money).


I've thought about a few possibilities:
* Replace the Welcome page by the "How to contribute page".

No, but as already said, a prominent item in the welcome page would be great.

* An occasional -or on every startup- popup with a reminder and a link to the page

Not on every startup please. May be one time after first startup, like: "Did you know you can also contribute to Eclipse? ..."

* Occasionally -or on every startup- just showing up the webpage

Sounds like a bad spam.

* A link in the About dialog


* A menu item in the Help menu


I imagine those would make sense close to the USS plugin, and would make sense in EPP packages.

What do you think about trying something on that topic for Photon?

We should make sure the page looks good and is also really useful to allow potential contributors start immediately with hacking.

One item extra: let assume the error log view would have a popup "Fix this error", which would do following:

*If* this error is from one of the platform / org.eclipse plugin with "Eclipse-SourceReferences" entry in the manifest:

Try to import the platform plugin code from where the error is coming via git (like PDE wizard it does), automatically configure Gerrit, open the "how to contribute" page in the browser editor and open the file where the exception happened in the source editor?

The only few steps would be: create Eclipse account, sign ECA, change the code, commit and push.

Kind regards,
Andrey Loskutov

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