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Re: [ide-dev] Benefits of integration with code server and new generic editor for average Eclipse user

> I understand that it is open source project and you decide what to implement.
> The reason why I wrote my original email and sent it to "ide-dev" (not
> "jdt-dev") was to express personal frustration. Frustration that some new
> things which require not trivial efforts are added to Eclipse IDE (as a
> whole) while many things which can give more value (from my personal point
> of view) to vast majority of existing Eclipse IDE users in their everyday
> work are left without attention.

Stopping all new features until all bugs are fixed and reallocating all committers to fixing issues is not something we can do. If we were to do that, there would be another 'Serhiy' expressing his frustration in late June about lack of progress in a similar fashion. You're thinking "But I'm not saying all bugs, just the important ones" - well, the practical effect is the same as you'd be surprised of the definition of 'important' when you have millions of users to keep happy, each with their own priorities.

We have a balance to strike between what we fix and what we create anew. Your input is very welcome in how we strike this balance, of course. But do recognize that however we strike this balance, there will always be frustrated people which complain that their sensitive issue was not addressed.


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