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Re: [ide-dev] Benefits of integration with code server and new generic editor for average Eclipse user


I do understand your frustration. I find myself m in similar situation sometimes (not necessarily Eclipse, though).

I'm not sure who told you to wait another year. That was clearly a bad advice. I cannot speak for all the teams and as I see it, the issue really boils down to lack of resources. If there would be more people available to work the IDE then a lot more things could happen. However, unfortunately there isn't.

The benefits of integration with code server and generic editor is an easier integration for 3rd parties. That easier integration will have limited functionality (compared to JDT) and allows many, many more languages to become available in Eclipse. Thus, the benefit for average Eclipse users should be new support for addition things and not enhancements to existing features.

I have another question for you - let's assume there would be experienced contractors available to work on some of your wishes. Would you be interested in and able raising funding for a development budget to implement the things you want?


Gunnar Wagenknecht

> On 14 Feb 2017, at 07:37, Serhiy <4bugzilla@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear ide-dev,
> Last year I sent you couple of emails because of my personal frustration that at the time that you was discussing new generic code editor while some long requested improvements to existing editors (for example and are not touched by anyone for years.
> My first message
> I was told told many thing and one of them was just to wait another year
> but frankly speaking I had very serious doubts
> And I am absolutely positive that the next thing which will happen with these missing features is that they will be moved to the next release and after that to the next release and so on.
> The main reason why I am writing this email is to ask you not to put any target milestones and not to assign issues to people if no one is really going to ever bother. It is just about proper expectations from the very beginning.
> Serhiy
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