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Re: [ide-dev] e4 debate

On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 7:51 PM, Ned Twigg <ned.twigg@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Have we ever done a survey to see how important dark theme is to users?  How they stack it against responsiveness, ease-of-plugin development, etc?  I'm sure some users say it's their #1 issue, but definitely not all of them.

Well, I'm in the camp which sees Eclipse as dead without a dark theme, and I think that the marketplace downloads on the related areas speak for themselves (and keep in mind that this is even having a default dark theme).

Unfortunately, there's no committer on SWT dedicated to make it happen (which I think is the main reason why it's taking so long to implement) -- most resources on SWT have gone (I think) to support GTK 3, not the dark theme.



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