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Re: [ide-dev] Java IDEs comparison

I decided to install Neon and give it a try for my _javascript_/Typescript
development using the great eclipse installer:

OOPS, so, why does it not show the nice icon used in the
installer in my taskbar:

OK, never mind. Let's create and open a JS project. Huh,
no code completion or navigation support. Maybe I have to look
into the project settings:

Hmm, what can I say...

Ok, since I am not really using _javascript_, but Typescript, let's install typescript:

Hm, oh, what to choose here??? Sorry, that's the point where I give
up. I don't think I have time now to try 6 different solution for
TypeScript to make a decision which one to use...

... I am afraid this will go on an on. If I compare this to the
experience of installing JetBrains products, eclipse has a long
way to go...

Don't get me wrong! I love eclipse and I really wish I could
use eclipse for my daily work, but installing a production environment
and setting things up for multiple languages is soo painful. I
simply don't have the time for doing this and I happily
spend 389 Euro/Year for all JetBrain products.... (I would
spend that or more an an eclipse based solution if it would be

I think it is the forces of the market: JetBrains will run out
of business if they don't supply what their customer need. Eclipse
on the other hand provides what the bazaar of the open source
market can produce

I really, really hope that eclipse conquer back some ground
and becomes really strong! There are so many great things
in the eclipse eco system that I miss (most of all: mylyn)


On 2016-09-09 15:09, Michael Scharf wrote:
For the last 3 years I have mostly  been using PyCharm and
Webstorm for web development.

Here are the things I think Jetbrais is doing significantly
better than eclipse:


I am still using Mars, because I have a set of plugins and from
experience, setting up a new version of eclipse is a major pain. In
particular, if I want to keep all the plugins that I am currently
using. In the last 15 years or so, I have spent quite few man-months
messing with installing and finding eclipse plugins and

With JetBrains products upgrading to a new version has been seamless
so far.

Finding extension wit Jetbrains is easy: there just one place to
search for them. Installing plugins is like clicking a checkbox on a
list. I have not had any problems installing or updating plugins with
Jetbrains IDEs.

And for some reasons I have much less desire to install plugins
because the products come with "batteries included" and unlike
eclipse there are not many competing solutions to choose from
for a particular requirement. Just try to figure out what to
install to get world class _javascript_/html support in eclipse.

Views and Perspectives

In my eclipse installation I can choose between 150+ Views and 18
Perspectives. Installing new features add new perspectives and
views. And it become **very** difficult to figure out which view and
menu entry belongs to which feature.

My Webstorm has about 10 views and that's all I need. I don't even know
where to find/add new views.

Multi Language support

In jetbrains, there is (or at least it feels like) one edtor that can
handle different languages and navigation between different languages
is so natural that you don't realize it.

Exclusion of files and folders

In Jetbrains IDEs it is very easy to exclude folders form being parsed.


On 2016-09-07 15:51, Mickael Istria wrote:

Nothing really new out there.

It's surprising how the code completion of IntelliJ (checking target type, frequency of calls, chain completion...) is still listed as better than the one in Eclipse IDE. Wasn't Code Recommender providing that in all Java-based packages?
Also, it's strange that IJ is congratulated for its "Polyglot development", where the Eclipse ecosystem has a much better offering. The reason is probably that people compare IDEs as they're shipped, not ecosystem.

Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat <>
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