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Re: [ide-dev] Java IDEs comparison


Let's ignore whether you actually agree or not if that is a worthwhile change. Let's just consider this issue: could you enforce this change? Could the Architecture Council enforce this change? Or would there need to be a consensus from all "involved parties"? And if so, who would those involved parties would be? What would the process be like?

My point is that if we need to get consensus from various people (from different organizations/project, with different goals, etc.), it will be very hard to enact significant change in the Workbench UI. We gotta try, but it's gonna be really hard.

This is a very good question. How to take decisions for changes?

Perhaps, we can learn from other open source communities. In the last years I touched to the PHP community, which is a little build older than the Eclipse community.
The PHP community has a well defined process how to introduce changes to the PHP language. The process is called RFC - Request For Comments [1]. The process is described here [2]. And here is an example of a very debatable change [3] introduced in PHP 7.0. It's really worth a quick look at [3]. Note the "Discussion Points" and "Vote" sections. You will notice that this change just barely made the 2/3 majority. Not a real consensus. But here it is - implemented in PHP 7.0. The process looks very similar to crafting legislation.


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