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Re: [ide-dev] Java IDEs comparison

I think we see a lot of positive movements in the last 2-3 years in
the Eclipse space. Eclipse 4.2 was IMHO a horrible release. But with
every release after that, we improved significantly.

AFAICT Eclipse 4.6 is really well received with the Eclipse users and
I know of several users which switched back to Eclipse.

In the Java space IntelliJ only has IMHO only one feature I really
miss in Eclipse and that is "Postfix Completion".  And IMHO for
Android development our Eclipse Andmore is not an option, as we are
still missing the necessary Gradle support for Android projects. IMHO
building Android app without Gradle these days is a no-go.

I think for Eclipse 4.7 the current work for new editors / language
server work by Mickael/Sopot and others,  Stefans new JDT index work
as well the ongoing improvements in JavaScript will be our new "killer
features" in Eclipse.

On the usability corner, I agree with the people which said "blocking
UI things" are bad. I hope that more and more UI elements will be
moved to a non-blocking mode.

I also think that we should make our existing features easier to use,
the new "Filter" button in the Problems view [1] is IMHO a good
example for a great UI improvement.

Best regards, Lars


On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 9:31 PM, Stephan Herrmann
<stephan.herrmann@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 09/14/2016 04:54 PM, Mickael Istria wrote:
>> On 09/14/2016 04:34 PM, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
>>> 2. Equinox P2
>>> Ok, this wasn't as bad as CSS/theming, it works fairly well nowadays (I
>>> think? Others might disagree). But it was still another
>>> massive investment and breaking change that cost adopters time and
>>> effort. Was it worth it in the end? Maybe, I'm not in a
>>> position to judge. But other more important aspects were forsaken in the
>>> wake of this.
>> Disclaimer:
>> Do you remember the times before p2?
> I remember one thing worse than updating before p2:
> updating in the early days (years) of p2.
> For quite some time this was the most immature piece of
> software in a critical position of our stack.
> Luckily those days are over
> (mostly - I don't think p2 ever fully reached its original goals),
> but it had caused significant friction in its early times.
> Perhaps two things to remember from this story:
> - the switch from old update manager to p2 was made way too early.
> - developer base of p2 was dwindling before the job was done.
> Maybe we are actually lacking a good culture of staged dog-fooding
> for incubating technology before we release it to end users?
> Stephan
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