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Re: [ide-dev] Ctrl-1 driven development

What if we did a standard IDE web page that JDT and CDT could both use.
Of course the key challenge is someone would need to provide the initial
content and then maintain it.
I think that would be a good start. I¹m certainly interested in
contributing where I can. But I really need a template to work with to
compensate for my lack of talent in the graphic arts :).

I personally don¹t think this is good use of the FEEP funds. I¹d rather
see that money go towards fixing bugs that are really annoying users or
small features that add lots of value for users.

FWIW, I agree that FEEP should be used for fixing bugs. I can pay for the design work out of my marketing budget. However, I need to get buy-in from JDT and CDT that they will 1) provide and maintain the content, and 2) participate in the design process.

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