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Re: [ide-dev] Ctrl-1 driven development

Am 14.10.2015 um 22:25 schrieb Michael Scharf:
For me, the killing features of the JetBrains products are
- support for lots of languages
- support for lots of libraries
- no installation hell  - they have a very simple way to install plugins
- no choice between 3 different 'full-screen' plugins on the marketplace
   that may or may not work
- when a new filetype appears in my workspace, it gently asks me
   if I want to install the plugin to support that
- regular updates with support for new libraries or language features
- I put all the code in one project and I have different git repos
   which just works fine (when I commit changes it will commit them
   to the different repos with the same message)
- no need to artificially create projects just to open XYX files in
   the XYZ perspective with the XYZ project browser that cannot deal
   with my ABC files.
I think some of these features would make good FEEP proposals (see Wayne's recent post to the EAC list, ).



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