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Re: [ide-dev] Ctrl-1 driven development

On 10/14/2015 06:35 PM, Lars Vogel wrote:
- IntelliJ provides Substring matching instead of only prefix matching
for code completion. The Eclipse team plans to enhance the JDT code
completion in Bug 350000
Take Eclipse Mars Java EE, and this is already available.
I believe it's provided by CodeRecommanders and available by default in most package. So don't spend to much time reimplementing it in JDT.

XML editing:
- the XML editor is IntelliJ is simply kickass, if you rename an
opening tag the closing tag is automatically renamed,
Indeed, Eclipse XML editors miss that.

if you change a tag like <test></test> to <test/> the </test> is automatically remove.
Eclipse XML editors do that.
Other than that the IntelliJ Quickfixes seem very similar to me than
the ones in Eclipse. Sometimes they just have cooler Quickfixes, like
the one in which
awaits review from the JDT team since 2014-05.
You mean quick-fixes in case of errors? In such case, yes they are similar.
Here I'm speaking about the list of operations proposed when doing Ctrl+1 on a field for example, without any error. The list I see is different. Eclipse suggests 3 editions (includiing a "Rename in Workspace" that seems strange in this context) when IJ suggests a bit more, such as "Add JavaDoc", "Make public"... Those are very simple ones, but they are the ones beginners need, and those experts may like too.

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