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Re: [ide-dev] Project names in the UI

+1. The Marketplace is definitely the most user friendly way to install
plug-ins. It also give more visibility to the ecosystem. There are some
great plug-ins out there that aren¹t Eclipse projects.

I will definitely work on getting the CDT features into there.


On 2015-02-13, 7:40 AM, "Carsten Reckord" <reckord@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>+1, I really like the suggestions in that document.
>I'd just like to add another aspect to the discussion (sorry, not meaning
>detract from the main topic, but I think those two are strongly related):
>There have been a few requests to the Marketplace Client project over the
>time to have one single source where you can get all your Eclipse
>not two (or n if you count each update site separately). The example that
>comes up is that you need to go to "Help / Install New Software..." for
>Eclipse plug-ins and can go to the Marketplace for (almost) everything
>I don't want to suggest to get rid of "Install New Software..." - I like
>personally and it makes sense to have for individual repositories. But
>people expect Eclipse projects to be present in the Marketplace. And I
>we should work to give them that.
>We could of course just make all the features from the SimRel repository
>available in the Marketplace Client. But I'm not a big fan of that idea,
>because the "granularity" of those features is smaller and more
>than your average Marketplace entry (i.e. you'd probably just have a
>Integration" entry that includes the "Maven Integration - JPA
>and "Maven Integration - JSF configurator" features[1]). Also, in the
>Marketplace, descriptions tend to be much longer and more marketing-style,
>including the possibility of screenshots and feature lists, than the short
>overview descriptions in the features.
>What I think would be great is to have every project on the release train
>maintain an entry on the Marketplace with its main feature and possibly
>optional add-ons[1]. And - this is where the relation to Wayne's
>comes in - a good, marketable description.
>Some projects already have an entry. For some it seems that someone else
>created an (unmaintained?) entry. Getting more projects to join in with a
>good Marketplace presence - or even aiming for some sort of guideline in
>that regard - would be awesome.
>What do you think?
>[1] For Mars, MPC will improve its handling of required and optional
>features. Essentially, a project can select one or more features that will
>always need to be installed. Additionally, you can have optional features,
>for which you decide if they are selected for installation by default or
>not. See for details.
>On 12.02.2015 20:41, Wayne Beaton wrote:
>> I regard project names as code names. These project/code names are
>> to the user. The EGit UI is a good example of this (you never see EGit
>>in the 
>> UI, not even as a feature name).
>> As a starting point, I've been working on a document to try and tackle
>> names and categorization in the Mars p2 repository.
>> While I hate to pick on any project in particular, I personally stuggle
>>a bit 
>> every time I try to install SQL tools from the repository; I eventually
>> "Data Tools Platform Enablement Extender SDK". While "Data Tools
>>Platform SQL 
>> Query Builder" would be better, "Data Tools" is meaningless to the
>>average user 
>> and so it should just be "SQL Query Builder". Unfortunately, "Data
>> Platform SQL Query Builder" isn't presented as an option in the feature
>> UI, so a user who is unfamiliar with our project structure (i.e.
>>virtually all 
>> of them) would have to somehow sort out that they want something to do
>> "Data Tools".
>> This isn't the only example, it's just the one that I've--with my
>> knowledge of all things project-related--have run into a couple of
>> I haven't actually gotten the categorization fully sorted out yet. I've
>> focused on getting the names right first, including rules like: name
>>things what 
>> they are; don't include the word "Feature" in your feature name; and
>> standardization of source vs. SDK labelling.
>> Your comments are welcome.
>> My intent is to deliver this to the Planning Council in the next week
>>or so. 
>> Sometime after that, I'll start making Gerrit contributions :-)
>> Thanks,
>> Wayne
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