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[ide-dev] Project names in the UI

I regard project names as code names. These project/code names are meaningless to the user. The EGit UI is a good example of this (you never see EGit in the UI, not even as a feature name).

As a starting point, I've been working on a document to try and tackle feature names and categorization in the Mars p2 repository.

While I hate to pick on any project in particular, I personally stuggle a bit every time I try to install SQL tools from the repository; I eventually install "Data Tools Platform Enablement Extender SDK". While "Data Tools Platform SQL Query Builder" would be better, "Data Tools" is meaningless to the average user and so it should just be "SQL Query Builder". Unfortunately, "Data Tools Platform SQL Query Builder" isn't presented as an option in the feature install UI, so a user who is unfamiliar with our project structure (i.e. virtually all of them) would have to somehow sort out that they want something to do with "Data Tools".

This isn't the only example, it's just the one that I've--with my inside knowledge of all things project-related--have run into a couple of times.

I haven't actually gotten the categorization fully sorted out yet. I've been focused on getting the names right first, including rules like: name things what they are; don't include the word "Feature" in your feature name; and some standardization of source vs. SDK labelling.

Your comments are welcome.

My intent is to deliver this to the Planning Council in the next week or so. Sometime after that, I'll start making Gerrit contributions :-)


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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