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Re: [ide-dev] Project names in the UI

+1, I really like the suggestions in that document.

I'd just like to add another aspect to the discussion (sorry, not meaning to
detract from the main topic, but I think those two are strongly related):

There have been a few requests to the Marketplace Client project over the
time to have one single source where you can get all your Eclipse plug-ins,
not two (or n if you count each update site separately). The example that
comes up is that you need to go to "Help / Install New Software..." for
Eclipse plug-ins and can go to the Marketplace for (almost) everything else.

I don't want to suggest to get rid of "Install New Software..." - I like it
personally and it makes sense to have for individual repositories. But
people expect Eclipse projects to be present in the Marketplace. And I think
we should work to give them that.

We could of course just make all the features from the SimRel repository
available in the Marketplace Client. But I'm not a big fan of that idea,
because the "granularity" of those features is smaller and more "technical"
than your average Marketplace entry (i.e. you'd probably just have a "Maven
Integration" entry that includes the "Maven Integration - JPA configurator"
and "Maven Integration - JSF configurator" features[1]). Also, in the
Marketplace, descriptions tend to be much longer and more marketing-style,
including the possibility of screenshots and feature lists, than the short
overview descriptions in the features.

What I think would be great is to have every project on the release train to
maintain an entry on the Marketplace with its main feature and possibly
optional add-ons[1]. And - this is where the relation to Wayne's initiative
comes in - a good, marketable description.

Some projects already have an entry. For some it seems that someone else has
created an (unmaintained?) entry. Getting more projects to join in with a
good Marketplace presence - or even aiming for some sort of guideline in
that regard - would be awesome.

What do you think?


[1] For Mars, MPC will improve its handling of required and optional
features. Essentially, a project can select one or more features that will
always need to be installed. Additionally, you can have optional features,
for which you decide if they are selected for installation by default or
not. See for details.

On 12.02.2015 20:41, Wayne Beaton wrote:
> I regard project names as code names. These project/code names are meaningless 
> to the user. The EGit UI is a good example of this (you never see EGit in the 
> UI, not even as a feature name).
> As a starting point, I've been working on a document to try and tackle feature 
> names and categorization in the Mars p2 repository.
> While I hate to pick on any project in particular, I personally stuggle a bit 
> every time I try to install SQL tools from the repository; I eventually install 
> "Data Tools Platform Enablement Extender SDK". While "Data Tools Platform SQL 
> Query Builder" would be better, "Data Tools" is meaningless to the average user 
> and so it should just be "SQL Query Builder". Unfortunately, "Data Tools 
> Platform SQL Query Builder" isn't presented as an option in the feature install 
> UI, so a user who is unfamiliar with our project structure (i.e. virtually all 
> of them) would have to somehow sort out that they want something to do with 
> "Data Tools".
> This isn't the only example, it's just the one that I've--with my inside 
> knowledge of all things project-related--have run into a couple of times.
> I haven't actually gotten the categorization fully sorted out yet. I've been 
> focused on getting the names right first, including rules like: name things what 
> they are; don't include the word "Feature" in your feature name; and some 
> standardization of source vs. SDK labelling.
> Your comments are welcome.
> My intent is to deliver this to the Planning Council in the next week or so. 
> Sometime after that, I'll start making Gerrit contributions :-)
> Thanks,
> Wayne
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