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Re: [ide-dev] Some Infos About Oomph

I agree with Mickael. Even if Oomph has the coolest UI ever (not saying it has or it hsn't ;-), there is no way we can adjust the whole IDE to that. If Oomph is the first thing that our users see, then it has to look like the current IDE looks.


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Date:        13.02.2015 11:02
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On 02/13/2015 07:55 AM, Eike Stepper wrote:
* Then UI is inconsistent with the IDE:
Yes, it took me 2 weeks to come up with something that creates a modern, fresh experience. The first real users that saw it sent me comments like "The new Ooomph wizard looks too cool to be eclipse. But when it goes away I feel a bit sad only looking at plain old eclipse ;-( ".

at first sight of the IDE is inconsistent with the whole IDE experience, and can give a bad first impression.
Our other feedback was totally different, absolutely positive, so far.
It's a cool UI that allows to do cool thing. It's normal that people like it. I understand your opinion and the user comment. However, now that it's there, it's also normal to wonder whether it can look better, more integrated.
My POV is the one of someone who prefers consistency over coolness. I acknowledge there are other POVs, that there is no one that is absolutely better than the others, and that my opinion here won't apply to everyone. But anyway, that's worth sharing how some users like me feel about such UI ;)
Technically, not using a widget toolkit backed up by the OS also brings some integration issues with the OS; and more important, some accessibility issues, such as alternative navigations (keyboard, voice) and UI customization (high-contrast themes, big fonts).

I don't think that introducing a new UI paradigm at first glance of the IDE is something good for the consistency. Similarly to the slowness, consistency of UI has also been criticized by users. I have the impression that having a non-JFace UI
Such as the Welcome page.
Agreed. But I don't consider welcome page as an example of usability, and I really question its efficiency on new users, and by the way, I even question its goal. To be clear, I dislike this Welcome page.

, or if you want to be more RCP-friendly "Welcome to ${Platform.getProduct().getName()}" like in the About... menu
* And finally, and that's a more tricky one in term of IDE design, we have a Welcome page, and a Oomph wizard that says "Welcome".... There is definitely some overlap in term of goal there, and keeping both isn't a good user experience, and would just highlight that "Eclipse developers prefer keeping 2 messy things

Can you elaborate on what exactly you think is messy?
What I find messy is the inconsistency of the "Welcome" experience: simultaneously, users gets 1 SWT/JFace IDE, with an HTML Welcome page inside, and a Welcome pop-up with "drawn" graphics instead of a widget toolkit.

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