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[ide-dev] Project News Notifications in Eclipse?

Greetings Eclipse Developer Community,

I’m currently thinking about a mechanism to let Eclipse users know about “security related or project news”. For instance, the GIT security was hard to push out to people because not many were aware of it. I can also imagine that projects would be interested to send notifications about new releases or other information to its users (and only its users).

So far, only the marketplace client offers a news section that tries to accomplish something similar. 
How about an extension point where plugins can register a news feed url and a background job that checks these urls every, say, 7 days to fetch updates. If an update is found, we could show a tray icon that shows that there are news available and on-click send devs to the web page.

It doesn’t have to be a tray icon. But I’d like the idea to let user know about news and, especially, security related news. 

Any thoughts?


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