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[ide-dev] Some Infos About Oomph


I've been pointed to "[ide-dev] Using marketplace favorites as an IDE definition" but I've just susbscribed to ide-dev and it seems I can't reply to former posts. So here are some infos about Oomph that are related to that thread:

Oomph mostly consists of three things:

1) A concise *language* to define setups (aka "profiles") that is centered around the concepts of SetupTasks ("what?") and Scopes ("where?"). Examples for SetupTasks are P2DirectorTask, EclipseIniTask, GitCloneTask, ProjectsImportTask, MavenTask, TargetPlatformTask, or PreferenceTask. SetupTask extension and discovery are also possible.

2) An installer that uses a couple of such setup profiles to *bootstrap* an entire new Eclipse installation. The installer offers a simple mode for just quickly installing an Eclipse product (such as an EPP package) and an advanced mode for adding a number of possibly parameterized project profiles to the installed product and its workspace.

3) A runtime that uses the profiles *in* any installation to keep it up to date. This also includes the recording of user preference changes into a user profile and applying them to other installations and workspaces. For Mars we plan to support the synchronization of these PreferenceTasks with profiles stored in your Eclipse account.

So Oomph can easily create a new IDE (takes ~20 seconds and consumes ~600KB on disk) for each project you're working on. To try it out you can download the installer for your platform from . Please note that installations take longer than 20 seconds until the shared bundle pool is sufficiently seeded or if you decide not to use a shared bundle pool.

Oomph can also be used in your existing IDEs (i.e., whether installed by the Oomph Installer or not) if you install the "Oomph Setup" runtime with p2 from . Then you can browse the available profiles via "Navigate -> Open Setup". The applied profiles can be performed via "Help -> Perform Setup Tasks..." and new project profiles can be applied via "New -> Oomph -> Setup Project Model".

Please don't hesitate to ask questions and all feedback is very welcome!



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