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Re: [ide-dev] Inconsistent Eclipse user experience

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 1:09 PM, Fabio Zadrozny <fabiofz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Doug,

I'm mostly lurking around on the thread, but, being the PyDev main developer I can comment on PyDev...

Well, the major issue I have is that Eclipse seems to be done in a way that you have to build before you run something which is far away from how PyDev works, where the build is mostly just a way to index my sources -- which should never *ever* stop what the user is doing (which for me is what makes Eclipse *feel* heavier than it actually is).

So, at this point when PyDev is run the first I ask the user if I should change those assumptions (basically launch without building and launch without waiting for any build -- I had some people asking me how did I do PyDev run *so* faster after that change -- although it's still not perfect as other things as *save* are still blocked by build jobs:

Note that if Python is the main thing I probably shouldn't even ask and just apply it... but if I do that and it's not the case I can mess the env for CDT/JDT, so, the better option for me was asking the user on startup (burying it in the preferences simply doesn't work as most users won't know they should change that when using PyDev)... but if you have a better way to ask the user such a thing I'm open to it (yes, making lots of plugins with such different requirements talk to each other properly can be hard).

Instead of asking this question when the workbench starts up you could consider to askĀ 
when the first PyDev related project is created / imported / opened.


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