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Re: [ide-dev] Inconsistent Eclipse user experience

We could look at iOS for some of the answers. Apple have proved that it’s possible to have a rich ecosystem, yet keep very tight reins on the UI experience and how applications play together. Perhaps a new UI layer that provides a similar degree of flexibility but enforces control over how the UI works? It doesn’t seem like such a big job to build something like this. A bonus is that it might make plugins easier to write.


On Mar 15, 2014, at 6:55 PM, Doug Schaefer <DSchaefer@xxxxxxx> wrote:

These are all solutions that are hard to pull off and I'm not sure they really address the root of the problem. We are at the mercy of the plug-in developers and how well they implement their solutions. I love Eclipse and want to bring it to my customers because of the feature richness of the ecosystem. No one else has a great C++ IDE that also does Python and HTML5 and Java and ...

But at the same time we don't really have guidelines or an API that enforces consistency in the user experience. It's almost a crime that we let any plug-in contribute anything to the UI. And they do. Does that PyDev and V8 Debugging menu really make sense on my Eclipse plug-in project? How do we get all these plug-ins to play nice when installed with each other and all at the same time? That's the hard question.


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On 15/03/2014 3:45 PM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:
Sadly the outcome of the process back then was rather protective.

Ya, I know. We are incredibly cautious about data privacy and the like.

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