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Re: [ide-dev] Survey results

If 65 % is not large enough for action you should have stated in the beginning that only if we go over e.g. 75% this change will be made, not decide now based on a feeling for a number in a 'hmm 65% doesn't sound enough' fashion.

As I said I have voted 'No' for this but this ignoring of the people who actually took the time to help you by stating their opinion feels really bad. This poll resulted from an effort to be decisive and actually do something rather than go around in circles with opinions. We fended off other poll questions for which we had no 'promises' to be implemented if chosen so this poll was obviously aimed at implementing the requested features. Saying now that 'Yes you want it but we at Eclipse with commit rights know better' is not a good community strategy, especially to those who you asked for an opinion and who turned their head and listened.


On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 4:58 PM, Doug Schaefer <dschaefer@xxxxxxx> wrote:
OK, I’ll have to blow the dust off of it and read through the yellowed pages :).

Not sure self-selecting matters too much in this case (and I’m pretty sure my textbook says that self-selecting is bad). I didn’t feel the way the survey was presented led to a bias.

Anyway, just fishing for opinions. I still agree with Ian’s conclusions.


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On 09/12/2013 10:39 AM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
Which is actually another point, the response size is pretty small. I’m not sure we can conclude anything based on that.

Check your old statistics textbook. The total sample size was well over 2000 people. That is definitely a statistically significant sample size. Of course the sample was self-selecting so there will be bias. So please stop saying that the sample was too small.

If we assume a population of 9 million people who use Eclipse, a confidence level of 99%, and a confidence interval of 3%, we only needed 1849 responses.

Mike Milinkovich

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