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Re: [ide-dev] Getting feedback on IDE

On 11/19/2013 09:57 AM, Ian Skerrett wrote:
Can I suggest you guys focus on deciding what will be the survey questions and how you will respond to the results. I can guarantee
you will get enough results to any question that will satisfied any statistician. However, if nothing happens based on the community
feedback then people will stop giving feedback.

Why not start small, agree upon 3-5 questions that depending on the results will impact the JDT plan for Luna. Send me the

Sounds great, really. But couldn't we pick a different component for
this year? Before the Java 8 work is done, JDT probably shouldn't
commit to any additional changes that are larger than flipping one
or two defaults from "ignore" to "warning" (or from 80 to 120, mh...)

my 2c (going back to coding),

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