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Re: [ide-dev] Getting feedback on IDE

I agree with Doug, that it shouldn't be in the IDE. If it's in the IDE and is too prominent (e.g. on each start), then everyone will disable it. If it is at some other place like invoking p2, all users that just install an EPP will never see it. Another drawback is that we want feedback *now*. If this is done via IDE then it will take a long time until this is implemented and actually consumed by our users. Not to mention the "calling home" issue.

I like the idea of showing it along with the download (page). We could make the survey page static (e.g. or and widely advertise it, so that people can also come there without downloading. An RSS feed could inform about new questions-


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Agreed. The key is to engage our user community and keep it going. As long as they see their feedback being acted upon (along with seeing where they fit with other users so that when we don’t act they understand why). If we do it well, this thing should start a life of it’s own.

But I don’t think we need to put anything in the IDE. We just need a web page and some buzz around it, like a HackerNews mention or Slashdot article, and of course a bunch of tweets and other social media. Anything in the IDE will lead to our first survey: “Do the survey notices bother you?” :).

Great idea Mickael!

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Re: [ide-dev] Getting feedback on IDE

It's an interesting idea.

Perhaps we can set up a web-based interface that we can expose on the Welcome page though a browser widget? Or we can be more integrated via some sort of JSON API if somebody has the necessary cycles to do the work. The web-based option gives us the best of both worlds. In either case, I'd rather avoid unsolicited pop-ups.

Both would be relatively easy from a server POV. Though, managing an unbounded list of questions may present a UI challenge.

My sense is that the Eclipse UI portions belong in the EPP.


On 11/18/2013 12:42 PM, Mickael Istria wrote:
Hi all,

Something we can easily notice on many bug reports is that we (contributors) have different point of view which lead us to pointless discussion without conclusion and consequent actions.
This happens because we don't know much of our users, and we don't have any way to have direct user feedback. It now looks critical to get more feedback on Eclipse IDE from its end-users, as we've become unable to decide of what's the best move for them.

The goal of this message is to help us to get quick feedback on some precise questions. What's important in order to get feedback on current issues is that contributors must be able to submit new questions which get integrated immediately (or we'll have to wait for 2 years before taking an action) into a bucket of questions. Then the users should be able to access this bucket of questions, and tell anonymously us what they prefer. This bucket of questions and their votes answers would be publicly available, and would be the ultimate resources for contributors to help them in some choices.
In term of infrastructure, I guess it's just a matter of providing an URL where to get questions/push answers. No need for authentication nor anything fancy. Should be almost trivial for our webmasters ;)

Now the difficult part is How to get users answering questions from this bucket? Here are some suggestions, that are worth discussion:
* A poll on the welcome page
* A pop-up at Eclipse startup linking to the bucket of questions "Tell us what you prefer..."
* Put the poll
* Integrated "Give quick feedback" entry, with a wizard dialog showing randomly questions one after the other.
* ...
I'd rather see it kept inside Eclipse, as a dialog. That way, we could also store the answer to questions in the preferences, or workspace, or even of filesystem in a ".eclipse" file to avoid presenting always the same questions to users.
And now, when to present it so a users would answer questions? Here again, there are several alternatives, but as an IDE user, I generally have time to spend on this when I'm installing software with p2 for example. This happens often, and during this time, I'd be happy to have something to do. I think it's the right time to show the survey to user.

So what do you think about this proposal? Does it make sense?
Concretely, who's in? Should we start a dedicated project proposal or do you know a place that could host some development for this?

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