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Re: [ide-dev] Getting feedback on IDE

Can I suggest you guys focus on deciding what will be the survey questions and how you will respond to the results. I can guarantee you will get enough results to any question that will satisfied any statistician. However, if nothing happens based on the community feedback then people will stop giving feedback.


Why not start small, agree upon 3-5 questions that depending on the results will impact the JDT plan for Luna. Send me the questions, I will put them in SurveyMonkey, promote them to the community and you will have results in 2 weeks.


IMHO, you guys need to worry about showing results and results for Luna.






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On 11/19/2013 09:16 AM, Daniel Megert wrote:

I agree with Doug, that it shouldn't be in the IDE. If it's in the IDE and is too prominent (e.g. on each start), then everyone will disable it. If it is at some other place like invoking p2, all users that just install an EPP will never see it.

Even funnier would be a custom Job ProgressMonitor dialog. So that whenever a long operation pops-up, the user can answer a few question to spend time. Of course, this need to be configurable so RCP wouldn't have this activated.

Another drawback is that we want feedback *now*. If this is done via IDE then it will take a long time until this is implemented and actually consumed by our users. Not to mention the "calling home" issue.

That's true. It's impossible to make it part of IDE before June (in best case), so a web page currently seems to be the only valid entry-point to leverage feedback soon.

I like the idea of showing it along with the download (page).

+1, that seems to be what makes the most sense.

We could make the survey page static (e.g. or and widely advertise it, so that people can also come there without downloading. An RSS feed could inform about new questions-


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