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[hudson-dev] Fwd: [Hudson-Dev] Re: Aligment of plugin names

Again this went only to the sender

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From: Henrik Lynggaard Hansen <henrik@xxxxxxx>
Date: 2012/1/28
Subject: Re: [Hudson-Dev] Re: [hudson-dev] Aligment of plugin names
To: SUSAN DUNCAN <susan.duncan@xxxxxxxxxx>

2012/1/27 SUSAN DUNCAN <susan.duncan@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> But I would question whether Tier 3 is based on 'popularity'. It is split
> into 4 categories:

> Hudson - plugins developed and maintained for the Hudson community
> Compatible -  tested by their owners for compatibility between Hudson and
> Jenkins
> Install Tested - those that, on release of a new plugin version, are tested
> by the Hudson community that they at least install correctly. But there is
> no stated compatibility from Jenkins
> Other - plugins that have not been identified as belonging to any of the
> above categories

Maybe I am reading it wrong but I am not sure the tier definition on
the wiki matches up:

Tier 1 or core plugins are defined as being part of the Hudson Core,
for the purposes of committer rights
Tier 2 plugins are a growing group of plugins that are tested as part
of the QA certification process of each release (from release 1.398)
Tier 3 are those plugins that do not yet have functional testing done
as part of the release process.

maybe we should start by agreeing what makes up the different tiers ?

As I see it we have these groups of plugins
- Plugins developed under "eclipse rules" and bundled with the application
- Plugins developed under "hudson-plugins" rules and bundled (or
suggested during startup )
- Popular plugins available under hudson-plugins which core people
test before a core release (what wiki calls tier 2)
- Plugins developed under "hudson-plugins" rules made for hudson
- Popular plugins available elsewhere which core people test before a
core release (what wiki calls tier 2)
- "Jenkins plugins" which states compatibility with hudson
- "Jenkins plugins" where the hudson community has done small scale
testing like install testing

Now the question is how we map these categories to tiers. I think
core/bundled plugins should be "tier-less" and just marked core

So how do we map these ? and have I got the categories correct ?

Best regards

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