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[hudson-dev] Fwd: [Hudson-Dev] Re: Aligment of plugin names

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From: Henrik Lynggaard Hansen <henrik@xxxxxxx>
Date: 2012/1/28
Subject: Re: [Hudson-Dev] Re: [hudson-dev] Aligment of plugin names
To: SUSAN DUNCAN <susan.duncan@xxxxxxxxxx>

Sorry this went only to the sender

2012/1/27 SUSAN DUNCAN <susan.duncan@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> While we are talking about new properties for POM files
> - could we introduce one to denote the Tier of a plugin. then we could use
> this to add a field on the Plugin Information box on the plugin's page
> (with a link to the tier list).  We could ask plugin owners to add it - fine
> for tier1/2 and some tier 3 - but if they do not, then an optional field and
> no harm done.
> I have added a tag to those tiered plugins - on each plugin wiki page - but
> it would be good to show the tier info more prominently when someone browses
> the wiki for potential plugins to use

I am a bit hesitant to putting it in the pom file, as it would require
the owners to release a new version of the plugin in case they need to
change tiers. This could be an issue if the tiers are dependent on how
much testing they undergo by others than the owner. But let us get a
firm handle on how tiers are defined first.

Best regards

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