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Re: [hono-dev] Telemetry API & Dispatch Router Docker images

On 14/04/16 07:38, Kai wrote:
Thanks a lot, Gordon. I have seen that there will also be better support
for waypoints in Dispatch Router 0.6 which looks to me like it could
become very helpful for Hono as well.

Just for clarification: aren't the artifacts of ASF projects that are
available via Maven Central "official" releases?If not, then who
releases these artifacts?

They are produced by the PMCs for the various projects. Binaries are considered a convenience, with the source they are built from the real release. However for maven the distinction is likely not something most java consumers care about.

There is no established equivalent process for docker images however.

What would that mean for the Docker images of
Dispatch Router, would RedHat or Bosch be releasing them then?

Neither. They would be simple conveniences produced by me as an individual based on specific tarballs from the Apache Qpid project. I can put the docker file(s) and any auxiliary artefacts in a git repo somewhere for those who want to rebuild themselves to be sure of provenance or to alter contribute. I know that Henryk has a Rhiot organisation under docker hub, I could ask him to let me push it there if that would be preferable?

Do you
guys already have a repository on Docker Hub for such purposes?

No, there isn't at present a repo on docker hub for the qpid project. There are docker files in the dispatch router source (for fedora and ubuntu base), but they build everything from a git checkout and include things you may not want. I.e. they are intended for dev level testing only. Nothing is pushed to docker hub from this either (the images there are generally done by individuals).

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