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  • Re: [hono-dev] Extend Registration API, (continued)
  • [hono-dev] Vert.x MQTT server, Benjamin Cabé
  • [hono-dev] First Milestone for Hono, Hudalla Kai (INST/ESY1)
  • [hono-dev] Dispatch Router 0.6.0 Docker image, Hudalla Kai (INST/ESY1)
  • [hono-dev] Why we shouldn't correlate messages based on message ID, Hudalla Kai (INST/ESY1)
  • [hono-dev] Correlation of messages, Hudalla Kai (INST/ESY1)
  • [hono-dev] Hono JMS adapter, Dejan Bosanac
  • [hono-dev] Fwd: [VOTE] Qpid Dispatch Router 0.6.0 (RC4), Kai
  • [hono-dev] Telemetry & Device Registration API, Hudalla Kai (INST/ESY1)
  • [hono-dev] Device Registration, Guggemos Dominik (INST/ECS1)
  • [hono-dev] Qpid Dispatch Router Policies, Guggemos Dominik (INST/ECS1)
  • [hono-dev] Upgrading to Qpid Dispatch Router 0.6.0-RC1, Hudalla Kai (INST/ESY1)
  • [hono-dev] General article on Hono archotecture, Henryk Konsek
  • [hono-dev] Choosing hybrid model as our primary topology, Henryk Konsek
  • [hono-dev] Redundant(?) properties in API messages, Guggemos Dominik (INST/ECS1)
  • [hono-dev] Telemetry API & Dispatch Router Docker images, Hudalla Kai (INST/ESY1)
  • [hono-dev] Device Registration API, Guggemos Dominik (INST/ECS1)
  • [hono-dev] First shot at implementing Telemetry API endpoint, Kai

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