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Re: [henshin-user] Problem accessing single nodes of a match inhenshin

Hi Florian,

On 14.08.2018 18:23, Florian Kunz wrote:

Hi Daniel,


thanks for your fast response, your help is greatly appreciated. With your advice I was able to get the program working.

Is static emf the way, where you have to create a genmodel and based on that create code which will than be started in a new eclipse instance? (like it is explained in the emf tutorial on

Yes, exactly. BTW, starting a new Eclipse instance is not the only option, but the one typically used to develop stuff. For deployment, you would export the generated plug-ins. Users can then install them and use them in their main Eclipse instance.

I hope you don’t mind but since I am a beginner at emf and henshin I have another question: Can the input model (in the bank example the example-bank.xmi file) be modelled as a real UML diagram? All tutorials I was looking at used the tree editor which is not exactly what I had in mind.

The straightforward answer would be a no. The rules in this example are designed to be applied to instances of the "Bank" metamodel. A UML diagram is an instance of the "UML" metamodel. So things don't add up after all.

When working with Henshin in a real scenario, the meta-model will typically come with its own graphical editor, so you would work with that one instead of the tree editor.

If you really wish to edit the bank models graphically, you can create your own graphical editor with Sirius. This should work well for simple meta-models such the one here:

Best regards,


Best regards,


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