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[henshin-user] Problem accessing single nodes of a match in henshin

Hello Henshin-users,


recently I started my first Project with henshin. The goal of the project is to enable a user to model an environment based on a given meta model. Within the modelled environment predefined patterns will be searched. If a pattern or several patterns are found the name of the pattern as well as the name attribute of the nodes will be displayed.

To do this I started with the henshin tutorial project, where you model a simple bank. To look for a pattern in the given example-bank.xmi file I made a simple henshin rule and used the following command:

InterpreterUtil.findAllMatches(engine, rule, graph, null);

The result is exactly what I am looking for, but the list of objects I receive is of the type Match and all the nodes in a single match are of the type “DynamicEObjectImpl”. From this type I can’t get access to the name attribute or other attributes. I am looking for a way, to access all attributes of the found nodes.


I hope this is the right address to solve this problem, because there isn’t much help for henshin to be found. If I am mistaken here it would be greatly appreciated, if you could tell me, where I can find help for using henshin.


Yours sincerely



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