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[gmt-dev] GMT Framework Proposal

Hi All

This list has been free of relevant technical content for far too long.

Attached is a 9 page (138kB) discussion document outlining how GMT can be
structured as a very simple Eclipse plug-in. Support for any
(including legacy) transformation technology can be plugged in to operate
between any inter-transformation model representations.

Comments and offers of contribution are very welcome.

We'd like to know who's out there, so for brief messages of support or
please reply to this thread.

For more substantive discussion, please start a separate thread for each

		Ed Willink

E.D.Willink,                             Email: mailto:EdWillink@xxxxxxx
Thales Research and Technology (UK) Ltd, Tel:  +44 118 923 8278 (direct)
Worton Drive,                            or  +44 118 986 8601 (ext 8278)
Worton Grange Business Park,             Fax:  +44 118 923 8399
Reading,   RG2 0SB

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