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Re: [gmt-dev] GMT Framework Proposal

Hi Ed,

Do you think that it is appropriate to label your document "GMT Framework
Proposal" without first talking to the GMT project leaders?

Here on the mailing list, just a few short comments from myself and Ghica:

Firstly, what is the purpose of the document? From your references to the
GMT software requirements specifications we presume that it is an attempt to
describe the design of the GMT platform. You've articulated some ideas for
the naming of models and transformations, but neither Ghica nor I can find
anything of substance related to our vision for GMT in this document.

Secondly you totally ignore the workflow component that you saw at OOPSLA,
which forms the backbone of the GMT platform. For GMT we are taking a
standards-based approach to workflow that is consistent with

You are taking the view that everything is a "transformation", including
workflow. That view is as helpful as taking the view that all programs
should be be written as Turing machines. Workflows can span space and time
in a team environment, and involve a number of manual steps. Nothing that's
anywhere close to an automated transformation executed by an MDA
transformation engine. Do you also see the development of transformations
(the definition of a mapping from PIM to PSM) as a "transformation"? Let's
not go there. I suggest we keep the mailing list free of noise.


Jorn Bettin
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Subject: [gmt-dev] GMT Framework Proposal

> Hi All
> This list has been free of relevant technical content for far too long.
> Attached is a 9 page (138kB) discussion document outlining how GMT can be
> structured as a very simple Eclipse plug-in. Support for any
> (including legacy) transformation technology can be plugged in to operate
> between any inter-transformation model representations.
> Comments and offers of contribution are very welcome.
> We'd like to know who's out there, so for brief messages of support or
> disparagement,
> please reply to this thread.
> For more substantive discussion, please start a separate thread for each
> issue.
> Regards
> Ed Willink
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