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Re: [epp-dev] Incubation packages

Even if a project is incubating, it must still do a progress view in order to release anything:

I don't think a graduation/release review is significantly more onerous than a progress review.  Technically EPP should not contain anything that is not released and anything that's released must have been reviewed at least once. The only way to avoid ongoing reviews is if there is only constant stream of service releases, but that implies no visible API changes.

I personally find the post onerous thing about a review is the PMC approval part, especially when the PMC gets picky on the details.  As Modeling PMC lead I'm highly tolerant of reviews that are very sparse on details.

In the end, the value of leaving incubation is arguably mostly on the consumer side of things.   I.e., the project is making a commitment to API stability, which is reassuring to the consumer.  That makes life less flexible for the project, though the project can always increase the major version number and break their APIs at any time.  But in the end, the question is also: what is the value of having a project at all without consumers?

On 06.03.2020 15:40, Mickael Istria wrote:

On Fri, Mar 6, 2020 at 3:38 PM Nitin Dahyabhai <thatnitind@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It also raises the question about when those incubating components expect to exit incubation.

That's not specifically about EPP, but it's more something to discuss with Architecture Council: what's the value for a project to leave incubation, because there is a cost (at least a review), but no obvious value... so it's not really encouraging to make the shift.

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