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Re: [epf-dev] couldn't find org.eclipse.epf.rcp.beacon

> but in the run configurations dialog i couldnt find org.eclipse.epf.rcp.beacon

Now I'm having exactly the same problem

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 11:36 PM, efe can kalkandelen <efecankal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am a newcomer and i need assitence about compiling source code of the epf.

i have done everything in the following written in the EPF Composer Development Guide:

downloaded and extracted into the eclipse folder and also everything seems ok...
Eclipse SDK 3.3.2
EMF 2.3.2
GEF 3.3.2
GMF 2.0.2
EMFT OCL 1.1.2
EMFT Query 1.1.1
EMFT Transaction 1.1.2
EMFT Validation 1.1.1
UML2 2.1.1

I have checked out code from /cvsroot/technology/org.eclipse.epf/composer/1.5/

I have downloaded and extracted eclipse-RCP-3.3.2-delta-pack

After all this. i started eclipse and make run and debug settings which is written in the Run and debug settings 

but in the run configurations dialog i couldnt find org.eclipse.epf.rcp.beacon

Someone could assist me in this issue?

Efe Can Kalkandelen

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