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EPF Composer Development Guide

EPF Composer can be launched from within the Eclipse shell you use for development. Launching EPF from within Eclipse will allow you to control several start-up parameters, as well as set breakpoints to pause EPF Composer execution to find problems or understand how specific code works during runtime.

JDE Run and Debug Settings

  1. Open the Java or Debug perspective

  2. Find the Run button on the tool bar

  3. Use the cascading menu to select the Run dialog

  4. Create a new Eclipse Application configuration

  5. Specify the workspace information and the product identifier

    Note the settings on the Main tab and the Arguments tab of the dialog

    Click the Apply button when finished

  6. Click the Run button to start EPF Composer

  7. When EPF Composer starts it will ask you for a method library location

  8. Use the same configuration for debugging

    Remember to set breakpoints before launching a debug configuration

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