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Re: [egit-dev] Using the external browser for Git result dialogs

On 21.01.2021 11:17, Mickael Istria wrote:

Sorry for hijacking, but what specifically do you find missing in
internal browser to nicely handle that case? What specific thing
requires you to move to an external browser?

Cookies, passwords etc. are all not synced with my default browser,
therefore the internal browser requires re-logins all the time. Also it
is recognized as an unsupported browser on many websites. That's on
Windows, not sure if this is better on other OS.

Additionally in larger companies the default browser often has centrally
managed settings for additional internal certificate authorities, name
resolution of internal networks etc. which is all missing in the eclipse
browser, leading to hard-to-diagnose errors when you cannot connect to
your issue tracking etc.

To avoid all that trouble, we configure every IDE to use the external

Ciao, Michael

PS: For me personally, there is one more reason: I totally like the
integration aspect of the IDE. But for the browser I need _screen
space_. I don't want it embedded in a small view in the middle of the
IDE, when browsing Jira, Bitbucket etc.

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