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Re: [egit-dev] checking

Bernard Leach skrev 2011-06-07 08.31:
The commit component is also now re-used within the staging view where space is really at a premium. I'm definitely no UX expert however so perhaps there's a better solution but I do think consistency across those two elements is a good thing.

I'm not happy with the view either, but it's new and so is a first step to making
something good.

Usability is much more important than the vague concept of "consistency". Dialogs and views
are used in very different ways and to make them really good
we should design them separately. Good view have a lot of functionality that makes no sense in modal dialog, while dialogs sometimes need things to compensate for the fact that
they are dialogs with limited interaction.

Good UI's aren't necessarily "consistent", they are intuitive, safe and easy to use, so keep the staging view and commit dialog separate designs and only reuse if it really makes sense.

-- robin

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