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[egit-dev] Pushing improved change to Gerrit


I followed Matthias' excellent write-up of how to change a patch set for Gerrit (

    Now do whatever changes you want to do, add them to the index and
    commit --amend them
    (to replace previous version of patch).

    Then push the result to Gerrit.

    why to use fetch / cherry-pick.

    In case you start from the branch the first version of your
    patchset came from you may as well pull the change,
    then you should check for conflicts with upstream changes by doing
    "rebase master" from branch 121 and resolve
    and amend potentially resulting conflicts (in order not to pollute
    the upstream history with merge commits).

Now I do not know how to push my improved change to gerrit so that it appears in the corresponding change (,121).

If someone could post a sample commandline I would be very grateful.

Mihael Vrbanec

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