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RE: [egit-dev] Pushing improved change to Gerrit


> Now I do not know how to push my improved change to gerrit so that it
> appears in the corresponding change (,121).

I assume that you have prepared your commit regarding to Matthias doc and 
have currently checked-out the branch with this commit. Then make
sure that:
- you push only one new commit (that last one) to gerrit. Try 
  "git diff origin/master..HEAD" to see how many commits you would push
- make sure that the commit message of your commit contains a line "Change-Id: <xxx>"
  where <xxx> is replaced with your ChangeID which you can lookup in the gerrit
  UI. If you are pushing not the first PatchSet then most likely you'll have
  this line already in.
  I don't know whether it is required, but I have seen the "Signed-off-by:" and
  "Change-Id:" lines being the last lines in the commit message. In your changes
  I see that this is not the case ... you have some text following these lines.
  Maybe you can change that by doing another "git commit --amend" and reordering
  that lines.

If you have done all that a simple:
  git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
should do the trick.


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