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[egit-dev] JGit smart-http revived

With the impending release of git 1.6.6 and its smart-http support
before the end of the week, my goal this week is to get the JGit
smart-http code submitted and ready for use.

I just dumped a new series of patches, rebased against the current
tip 'master'.  My limited testing says these patches match the
protocol used by C Git.  They also match the behavior of C Git
where we try to buffer small requests (up to 1 MiB by default)
and use Content-Length headers, but for larger requests we fall
back to HTTP/1.1's chunked transfer encoding.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to write unit tests for these using a local
Jetty server, inside of a new org.eclipse.jgit.http.test package,
and try to do both smart and dumb tests inside the same test suite.


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