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Re: [ee4j-community] JCP and existing specs

I second that, but additionally it was said that the Eclipse Foundation is
not a standardization organization, so this should be done elsewhere. As
currently there is only one other instituation allowed to use the word
"Java", this implies -at least currently- that the JCP is that "elsewhere".

Anyways, I think that Oracle should speak clear words now. Either shutdown
the JCP and strengthen it. But it makes no sense that people like us discuss
this. We have no say in that. Java (still) is Oracle's trademark.


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On 1 Dec 2017, at 11:57, Markus KARG wrote:

> The plan to code first and then ask another institution for 
> standardization was publicly confirmed at EclipseCon 2018

I did not understand it that way. Rather that a EE4JCP would still need to
be established.
Code first was meant, from how I understood it, to have something to discuss
with users so that it gets "hardened" before cast in stone^wspec text.
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