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Re: [ee4j-community] JCP and existing specs

The plan to code first and then ask another institution for standardization was publicly confirmed at EclipseCon 2018 earlier this year by Mike Milinkovic and the attending part of the PMC. Check the YouTube video of the EE4J Panel (about 14:00 or later). Whether or not this is JCP is a fruitless discussion: As a matter of fact, at the moment only the JCP is legally and organisational able to perform such a standardization in the next months, and they did not stop any of their work right now or changed any of their processes; they even had elections recently. Maybe there might be different organization later, but none such is under real construction right now.




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Where has this been declared? It certainly is not defined in the https://projects.eclipse.org/projects/ee4j/charter, and frankly flies in the face of moving things to Eclipse.


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Leo, this is not true. The EE4J PMC multiply explained that future versions of existing specs will be developed at the Eclipse Foundation, but *will* be standardized still through the JCP.



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Hello, Guillermo.


"Does it mean existing specs will need to be continued on the JCP after the Eclipse donation?"


My understanding is that this means that there might be Maintenance Releases of these JSRs fixing bugs or updating the JCP version, for example.


New versions of the Java EE / EE4J Specs would *not* be done thru the JCP.