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Re: [eclipselink-users] EclipseLink Workbench crashing on startup loading some old default projects

It sounds like you are running into a known bug that causes project loading to fail in the 2.0 version of the Workbench, which is fixed in 2.0.1. I recommend trying 2.0.1 to see if this resolves your issue first.

The open projects list is stored using the Java Preferences API, which means that the location of this storage will vary based on your OS. In Windows this would be the system registry. I could dig up the exact location if you end up needing this.

The main functionality enabled by -dev mode is an error console (as opposed to sending errors to a log file). There are also a number of menu items that are made available, such as a thread viewer, among other development related tools.

Let me know if 2.0.1 doesn't solve the problem.


Sebastien Tardif wrote:
EclipseLink Workbench is crashing on startup loading some old default projects.

How can I start the Workbench so that it doesn't try to load previously open projects?

In other words, where is persisted the list of old projects that were open?
What is the functionality enabled by "dev" mode? /**
 * Starting point for typical user of the TopLink Workbench.
 * This class will parse any command line arguments and launch the
 * Framework Application with the appropriate logger and
 * the set of preferences. The application will be launched
 * in its own thread [and thread group].
* * Current command-line arguments:
 *     [-open projectFile]
 *     [-dev]
* * This class builds the objects that should be in place before launching
 * the application; specifically, the thread group must be in place.
public class Main {


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