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Re: [eclipselink-users] Re: EclipseLink 2.0.1 jars...?

Hi Magnus,

What problem is having the javax.persistence classes in eclipselink.jar causing? Are you trying to use JPA 2.0 functionality?

  I am not a spring expert, but can provide some backgroup.

  EclipseLink is packaged in two ways.

1. eclipselink.jar
2. a series of bundles (org.eclipse.persistence.core.jar, org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.jar, etc...)

eclipselink.jar has some of the javax.persistence classes because although it is the JPA 2.0 reference implementation, it still supports JPA 1.0 and needs some of those classes to maintain that support.

The bundles have no-such issue and for servers that do not explicitly package eclipselink.jar likely provide a good way of avoiding this issue. If you need help selecting the bundles to use, I can help with that.


Magnus Heino wrote:
Ok, things are working now.

I replaced ejb-persistence.jar in JBoss with javax.persistence-2.0.0.jar

I then removed the subset of javax.persistence-2.0.0 annotations thats inside eclipselink-2.0.1.jar. What are those annotations doing there?


On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 4:11 PM, Magnus Heino <magnus@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:magnus@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    I'm trying to get EclipseLink 2.0.1 going in a Spring 3.0 app inside
    of JBoss 4.2.3

    EclipseLink 1.1.3 worked just fine with the ejb-persistence.jar in
    JBoss, but with EclipseLink 2.0.1 I don't understand what combo to use.

    Should I remove ejb-persistence.jar? What is javax.persistence stuff
    doing inside the eclipselink 2.0.1-jar? What is the

    No matter what combo I try, I either get missing classes, or
    colliding classed with linkageerrors... :-P


     /Magnus Heino


 /Magnus Heino


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