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[eclipselink-users] Latest Blog

I was reading your latest blog post and was confused by the statement:
JPA 2.0 is from Oracle (EclipseLink), and JDO failed (we can see that ORM tech is more dominant in EJB3).
It sounds as if you are saying that JPA 2.0 and Eclipselink have failed. I do not believe that to be the case and based on previous exchanges I doubt that is what you are trying to say.
I believe the real answer to your question is that if you want to bring together several technologies under a JSR you need to gather an interested group and propose it to the JCP to form a new JSR. You can then either start a new open source project or join existing ones to help build the reference implementation of that specification. In the case of EclipseLink we have been selected by the specification lead (Sun) to develop the reference implementation.

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